Why Are We Here?

As part of a Land Grant institution, we believe that a portion of the heritage passed down through the agricultural generations and disseminated to a wide range of citizens was evidence in the social aspect of dancing. Being in the heart of the Midwest and submerged in the Flint Hills of Kansas, country music and westen dance is essential to understanding and communicating within and across cultures.

Swingin Spurs sustains and advances country two-step and swing dance by providing performances at local, state, and national events. Whether it be a small social gathering or an international conference, the Swingin Spurs will entertain and impress any sized crowd or audience.

What Sets Us Apart?

There are many dance centers that provide lessons for individual and groups to hip-hop and classical music. Even at K-State, classes are provided for students to improve on their dance skills. But how many of those dance students say they have been thrown up in the air by their partner? Not many! And that’s why we’re here.

The Swingin Spurs want to entertain you with country swing and two-step dancing. We display a different kind of dancing than the average styles. The Swingin Spurs don’t just want to show you what we can do, but we want to teach you as well. Both performances and lessons are available to anyone interested.